"Osteopathy to me is a very sacred science.  It is sacred because it is a healing power through all nature."  AT Still - Osteopathy Founder

Myers Street Osteopathy

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Osteopathy for all aspects of Health

Please Note: Ryrie Street Osteopathy & Biodynamic Osteopathy are moving from their current Ryrie Street location and opening in a new clinic as Myers Street Osteopathy -   275 Myers Street, East Geelong on May 11, 2015.

Myers Street Osteopathy is a family oriented Osteopathic practice located a short distance from the city centre in the vibrant East Geelong village.  

We offer gentle and effective Osteopathic care for everyone's needs.  We specialise in a Biodynamic approach to Cranial Osteopathy, which is a unique and powerful treatment approach that involves minimal force.  It is suitable for everyone from babies and children, through to adults and elderly.  

At Myers Street Osteopathy, we are here to help you on your journey to get well naturally.  As primary practitioners you do not need a GP referral to see us.  This clinic is unique to the Greater Geelong, Bellarine peninsula, and Surf Coast regions in that we specialize in traditional Osteopathy through a Biodynamic approach to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.  This different approach is supported through a strong 10 year post graduate education.

Osteopathy is a service that harnesses the body's constant movement towards normal; its innate capacity to heal.  As Osteopaths, we are trained to use our hands to diagnose and treat the patient as a whole.  We understand that the body needs to be viewed as a single unit of function if we are to find cause and allow the body to truly heal.

We have recently moved from Ryrie Street Osteopathy (just around the corner where we operated for 8 years working from our home) to our exciting new location of 275 Myers Street (on the corner of Myers and Connor St, East Geelong). Our new work space is a 150 year old brick cottage that was previously used as the traditional chinese medicine rooms of Dr Lim Seng Heng. Dr Lim serviced the greater Geelong community for over 50 years and part of his legacy was to see the building carried forward as a space for health care.

"Osteopathy is a science with possibilities as great as the magnitude of the heavens.  It is a science dealing with the natural forces of the body.  We work as Osteopaths with the traditional principle in mind that the tendency in the patient’s body is always towards the normal."  WG Sutherland - Founder of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.

Dr Dale Wilson


Dr Dale Wilson

Dale grew up in the cold and comforting surrounds of Victoria's rugged south west. Regardless of the weather he likes to spend most of his spare time outside exploring or gardening, and has a serious affilation with all things nature.  The natural world is his home.  Dale's love of plants has him growing his own food where possible.  He also loves animals, all shapes and sizes... He and his wife Jackie have 3 chocolate labradors, Freckels, Frankie, and Phoenix.  If you would like to meet them just mention that you like dogs!  Food, music, culture, and all expressions of creativity will light up Dale's eyes. The ocean is one of his long standing great loves, and he returns to it often for a visit.

Dale feels like he didn't find Osteopathy, it found him. Learning the principles for the first time was like meeting a new friend that you instantly felt like you have known forever. It just made sense, and felt right. He graduated from RMIT in Melbourne, then headed for the sunny shores of Queensland. Victoria was calling him back, so after a few years he and his wife Jackie headed back down south. He has been here in Geelong since 2007, and is having a great time meeting and treating wonderful patients and exploring the natural world. Dale truly is a lover of life.


Jackie Lord

Jackie is the clinic coordinator and part time receptionist at Myers Street Osteopathy. Jackie and her husband Dale founded the clinic together in 2007. She is a very creative soul, who spends her time split between helping to run the clinic, and making her jewellery and soy candles under her business labels Betsy Blonde and Fickle Candle Co. Check her out on facebook or etsy.  She is also a regular part of the local roller derby team's training, whilst still finding time to train with a circus group where she is hoping to further pursue her passion for flying through the air on the trapeze. 

Jackie is multi-talanted, and extremely proficient at multi-tasking. She sometimes appears to have 6 hands instead of 2, but takes it all in her stride and enjoys her role in the day to day running of Biodynamic Osteopathy. Like her husband, Jackie loves all things nature, and enjoys music, dance, and creative expression of the spirit. She also loves her 3 chocolate labradors. We are all truly blessed to have Jackie as a part of our lives. Her compassion and understanding extend well beyond her years, and her capacity to express empathy to our patients as well as a vast knowledge of what we do and how we can help is an integral part of our clinic.  She is a wonderful gift.  


"An Osteopath is taught that nature is to be trusted to the end."  AT Still


Freckles, Frankie, & Phoenix

These 3 are the resident chocolate labradors that when given the opporunity, love to come in and meet the patients in the clinic. They particularly like children, and are known to sneek into the treatment room and find a nice warm corner to rest in whilst the patient gets treated. 

Phoenix is Frankie's daughter and is the new comer to our family. Having survived an initial scare of pneumonia as a 2 week old due to a hair lip that made feeding very difficult, she has since kicked on and seems to let nothing stop her. She is so cute as a button she gets away with anything.  She has a tremendous spirit and joy for life.  Phoenix is a real healer and an enigma.

Freckles is the spiritual leader of the dog pack, more of a human than a dog if you ask her. She seems to have royalty in her blood lines as she is often caught striking a regal pose, and 'allowing' others to be in her presence.  Nothing phases her, and her favourite place in the world is the same as everyone else here, the beach!  She loves to swim.

Frankie is the mother of all mothers, maternal to the bone, she loves everyone and everything, and just wants everybody to get along. She is a real healer in her own right, and likes to do things in circles. Franks, as she is known, is very special indeed, and we continue to learn a lot from her.  She is the sweetest dog with children.



"There is so much to discover in the science of Osteopathy by working with the forces within that manifest the healing processes.  These forces within the patient are greater than any blind force that can safely be brought to bear from without."  WG Sutherland - Founder of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.

What sort of patients and what type of conditions do we regularly see?

As mentioned above, Osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, and can help with the health and wellbeing of the entire patient, not just the presenting symptoms. Here at Biodynamic Osteopathy, we offer an extremely gentle yet effective treatment approach that is particularly suitable for babies and children, but equally effective for adults and the elderly. 

Our approach allows us to treat pain and illness across all ages for the whole family. We are here to offer the best Osteopathic service possible, and in doing so we hope to help you get well.  We aim to support you and your family through all phases of life.  Our goal is to allow the greatest expression of Health available to you.

The following are some common ailments we encounter:

- back and neck pain
- headaches and migraines
- chronic fatigue
- sleep disturbances
- stress and immune dysfunction
- depression, anxiety, mental well-being
- chronic illness and recurrent infections
- sinus problems and respiratory infections
- asthma and breathing problems
- TMJ dysfunction
- trauma and shock
- injuries, work and sport
- digestive complaints
- reproductive problems, pelvic dysfunction, cycle issues
- fertility difficulties
- post surgery issues, including dental
- overall well-being

"We suffer from two causes. Want of supply and the burden of dead deposits."   AT Still

Osteopathy can be very helpful in alleviating discomfort and dysfunction during pregnancy and in preparing expectant mothers for the birth. Some of the typical symptoms experienced result from the gradual changes in the body, or its inability to accommodate the extra requirements placed upon it. Some of these include:

- low back pain, headaches, migraines, upper back tension
- pelvic pain, groin pain, leg pain, aching feet
- indigestion, heart-burn, reflux
- joint swelling, carpel tunnel, fluid retention

We also see mums later in pregnancy particularly with either posterior or breach presentations.  We aim to help restore balance to the whole system, and the synchronisation of both mum and baby is integral to the birth process following the direction of ease.

The birth itself involves immense stresses and trauma to both the child and the mother. This is an extremely important time to assess and treat strain patterns that untreated may manifest into symptom patterns experienced as pain, illness, and dysfunction. Some of the events that we see are:

- posterior and breach presentations
- excessively long or dramatically short labour 
- forceps and vontouse/particularly forceful or traumatic deliveries
- induced labour, epidural anaesthetic
- caesarian delivery
- trauma, shock

"I do not claim to be the author of this science of Osteopathy.  No human hand framed its laws; I ask no greater honor than to have discovered it."  AT Still

Having endured the stresses and strains of labour, there are many changes that are quickly needed in order to adapt to life outside the womb. The transition is dramatic, and an Osteopathic check-up following birth will often help pin-point potential problems before they manifest into symptom patterns later on. Some of these issues include:

- difficulties sleeping
- unsettled behaviour, excessive crying
- problems feeding, trouble/issues breast feeding 
- colic and reflux
- head shape irregularities
- failure to thrive
- irregular bowel movements
- immunization reactions

As we look further along into the next phase of growth and development, we commonly see not only unresolved birth strains affecting the normal functioning of the child, but also the new stresses that are presented through both the unfolding process of growth as well as the additional movement and subsequent collisions that come with beginning to explore their new world. 

Infant and childhood problems such as:

- recurrent infections
- bed wetting
- growth and developmental delays
- growing pains, joint pain, headaches
- asthma, allegies, respiratory conditions
- glue ear and recurring ear infections
- learning difficulties such as reading and writing
- behavioural difficulties
- difficulty concentrating
- difficulty with fine and gross motor skills